Our various missions opportunities include ______. This page includes highlights from those ministries! 

Missions Memo

PRAISE and Prayer for:

Nazarene radio, television, and Internet programs reach millions of people the world over with the gospel every day because of the generous support of Nazarene churches. Thank you!

Thousands of lives are transformed through the work of the Holy Spirit and World Mission Broadcast (WMB) programs.  WMB began as the Nazarene Radio League in 1944 and has expanded to a global network of programs contextualized for listeners and viewers around the world. Some examples:

  • World Mission Broadcast’s partners 

    • Radio ministry in Papua New Guinea was established in 2002 with the goal to evangelize and do discipleship. They now produce 3 programs: Cry of Women,  Starting a Good Life, and Christ Loves All the Children.

    • For the first time ever in the Middle East, a Christian Evangelical Radio Station was launched in November 2020. Be Light FM (105.6 FM) is the first Arabic-speaking Evangelical radio station based in Beirut, Lebanon, and it is now partnering with World Mission Broadcast.

    • Latin America -Church planters Pastors Marcelo Fretes and Viviana Perez have worked with World Mission Broadcast for almost 20 years, so when the pandemic closed the doors of their new church and changed their Holy Week outreach strategy, they launched EsperanzaHoy.net (HopeToday) as a way of global discipleship not only to their young congregation but to the Spanish-speaking world.


The Future is Now!
Join us in discovering new ways to share our hope in Christ through World Mission Broadcast.

  • Brazil  -  Praise God for the 178 Preaching Points planted in Brazil by the Jesus Film Teams in the last year alone!

  • JFHP team report - Brazil - "I have suffered from anxiety and depression since I was a kid. About two months ago, I was invited by a friend to attend a Bible study and prayer meeting. In these meetings, I received a lot of love and care from the other attendees. I confess that I am feeling better! I am amazed at Jesus' story and His love for me." —Alan, 25-years-old

PRAY for:

  • The family of General Superintendent Eugenio Duarte as they mourn the loss of their son, Francisco,  who passed away this past week. He lived in Kansas City and was in his 40s.

  • Recife, Brazil Church of the Nazarene - In the early hours of 25 May, rains increased throughout the Recife, Brazil, metropolitan area, and the entire community was affected by significant flooding. The Church of the Nazarene in the Jardim Atlântico neighborhood of Olinda was heavily hit. Immediate needs include food, medicine, mattresses, stoves, clothes, shoes, sheets, and foods like soup, bread, and milk. The local church’s Nazarene Compassionate Ministry has already started mobilizing, as has the Nazarene Youth International, and other district churches want to be a part of this response. 

  • Many people left their homes to sleep in churches and shelters. Small businesses lost their goods, and the chance of infection has increased due to the rats, small snakes, and various insects that have invaded the houses.  “A child in our church was stung by a scorpion, and many elderly people were rescued in boats,” said Pastor Jadilson. He continued with this request, 

“Please join us in prayer for all affected.” 


From the JFHP team in Brazil:

  • Numerous regions of Brazil still lack an evangelical presence, including many of the 36,000 communities along the Amazon River basin. Pray for the JESUS Film teams to continue to have fervor and persevere  as they reach and share the gospel with these isolated people by boat.

  • Brazil has the second-most COVID deaths and third-most COVID cases in the world. Pray as the country recovers from the impact of this virus, and for the victims' loved ones to find strength and peace in Christ.

From the Sunbergs in Poland:

On our way back to the Polish-Ukrainian border via Kraków this past weekend we experienced so many emotions. But I want to center on what my friends have told us of their experiences. We hear their stories in small comments: 

  • “We waited like this in the car for days”, pointing at a congested highway. 

  • “We stood for 10 hours at the border”, as we lean on a counter and chat.

  • “It’s been 3 months since I saw my family. ”said another. 

Displacement puts a life on hold - takes away autonomy - has no respect for the hours that strip a lifetime. As we approach June 20 World Refugee Day and as the UNHCR reminds us that we have passed the 100 million mark of displaced people globally - time should be on our minds. Seeking asylum is never illegal but it is costly. *worldrefugeeday #nazarenecompassionateministries


According to the research done for the World Watch List, Nigeria is the deadliest country for Christians—on average, every 2 hours, a Nigerian Christian dies for their faith. A heinous attack like this one reinforces that truth.   Over a recent weekend, at least 50 Christians were killed in southern Nigeria as they gathered in their church to celebrate Pentecost.  I know that these days, we hear about violence every day. But I want to humbly ask you: Please don’t become desensitized or numb to what’s happening in Nigeria and our world.  Please pray for Nigeria.

News of the Moment

The Church of the Nazarene in Ukraine

Global Nazarene Family Continues Response to Ukraine Crisis


Three months into the war in eastern Europe, at least 1 in 3 Ukrainians now faces displacement.  "Of the 14 million people who have been forced to leave home, 6 million have evacuated Ukraine and another 8 million have sought refuge elsewhere in the country." The majority of families remain divided as most men, ages 18 to 60, cannot leave Ukraine with mothers and children as they seek safe, stable living conditions. Source <<https://www.bbc.com/news/world-60555472>>

Compassionate ministry volunteers responded by creating a place where displaced Ukrainians can acquire resources, maintain daily and weekly rhythms, build new social networks, and be immersed in the presence of God. 

The number of internally-displaced Ukrainians—those who have been forced to leave their homes but who still live within the country—reveals the added burden Ukraine is bearing. The very country warding off a foreign invasion is also the one supporting the highest number of displaced persons: 8 million. 

To put this in perspective, during the past three months neighbouring Poland has welcomed 3.4 million people living as refugees, the most of any other country. Displacement within Ukraine creates new challenges for an infrastructure already compromised by war.

As resources in Ukraine have become scarce, Church of the Nazarene members have established paths of provision to help meet needs prompted by the internal migration. Pastor Andriy Takhtay, with the help of Tolik Galaga, has been leading relief efforts to assist hundreds of internally displaced people. 

Nazarene church members have prepared food and gone to great lengths to find needed items for those taking refuge in church facilities. Funds raised through Nazarene Compassionate Ministries have helped the church purchase food, supplies, and appliances used for preparing meals. 

When Pastor Andriy expressed the need for a vehicle to transport people and supplies, Nazarenes at the Netherlands District Assembly immediately began raising funds. Within one month, donors had raised enough money to purchase a cargo van in Ukraine. Additionally, a Netherlands church member donated and delivered a large passenger van, stocked full of supplies, to Pastor Andriy. 


The vans have since been used to deliver food and Crisis Care Kits, including those packaged by a Nazarene district in Germany. Nazarene members in Italy have also joined the effort to collect supplies for Ukrainians. The Church of the Nazarene in Florence delivered more than two tons of food and relief items to the border of Ukraine.

In Poland, efforts to support displaced Ukrainians continue at the border and inland. In Przemyśl, where most evacuees choose to cross into Poland, Pastor Rafi Habib leads a channel of relief into Ukraine. Originally from Syria, Pastor Rafi shared the church’s approach to compassionate ministry on an Arabic-speaking news broadcast. 


Further inland in Poznan, missionaries Andrew and Hayley Tarrant have transformed the Sweet Surrender Café into a center where Ukrainian mothers and children find community and support through language classes, kids clubs, and fellowship opportunities. Recently, Sweet Surrender welcomed a team of Nazarene volunteers from Scotland who helped renovate the new refugee center.


In the United States, Nazarene volunteers participated in an interfaith effort to assist Ukrainians entering California prior to the tightening of the border entry policy. More than  "250 volunteers and 8 churches cooperated to shelter and feed more than 1,000 Ukrainians"  living as refugees. Source:<<https://www.nazarene.org/article/ukrainian-refugees-find-respite-california-church>>


Pastor Steve Babbitt of the Spring Valley Church of the Nazarene described the effort as “three wonderful but intense weeks of service…probably the most beautiful and holy ecumenical thing I’ve participated in.” 


While many offer assistance directly to displaced Ukrainians, thousands of others are continuing to give relief efforts from a distance, sending money and filling Crisis Care Kits for distribution to those who need it. 


Please continue to pray for those seeking shelter within Ukraine, those relocating to other countries, and those grieving losses. Pray for church leaders and churches responding to the needs around them. Ultimately, let us pray for peace. To send a prayer or note of encouragement, go to ncm.org/pray.


If you are able to support Ukraine financially donations will be forwarded through Nazarene Compassionate Ministries to: the NCM Ukraine Crisis Response Fund – Eurasia Region


Donations will go toward emergency support associated with transportation, shelter, food, water, and essential supplies. To support churches as they care for people within Ukraine and those traveling from Ukraine to neighbouring countries.

Give to your local Church of the Nazarene and they will forward your gift to NCM Canada and on to Ukraine. Be sure to put the # 137043 in the memo line.

Information Page



Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM) Canada is supporting a large food security project (agriculture and livelihoods) in the north of Bangladesh, funded through Canadian Foodgrains Bank. The area is two unions (i.e. Rajarampur and Dharampur of Birol upazila under Dinajpur district of Bangladesh) and benefits 600 farmers and 800 marginalized women. The women are formed into self-help groups to empower them to bring positive change to their households, communities, and villages.  

NCM Canada has proposed to support the CDC at Betbunia church of the Nazarene, Bangladesh, where funds from a Canadian donor built a new two story church and CDC (Child Development Center), which also functions as a cyclone shelter in that area which is very prone to cyclones. If you would like to donate for these projects, you can e-transfer or drop a cheque or cash to our church office. Thank you so much for your help! Your support, big or small, can make a difference!

Funding the Mission

District and Education = 8.5% of monthly income
April = $528.47; year-to-date owe = $9,899.57; paid $9,899.57

World Evangelism (includes designated amount to Faith Promise, Thanksgiving/Easter, etc.) = 5.5% of monthly income
April = $383.86; year-to-date owe = $6,447.52; paid $6,477.52