Our various missions opportunities include ______. This page includes highlights from those ministries! 

Missions Memo

PRAISE and prayer for:

The Church of the Nazarene in Venezuela - work began in 1982. Unique beginnings -  Before the church was organized, there were Nazarenes in the country because of the radio ministry “La Hora Nazarena” (The Nazarene Hour). Language Spanish - Population  28.44 million 12,732 members;  95 Fully Organized Churches and 14 Not Yet Fully Organized Churches across 5 districts; 57 Ordained  and 137 District Licensed Ministers

  • Praise God for each local NMI president who promoted participation in the South America Region 40 days of Prayer initiative. The church was united in a unique way this year because of the call to prayer.

  • Praise God because NMI has been mobilized throughout the country to involve youth and children.

  • Praise God that the Church in Venezuela was able to remain faithful in serving others through Nazarene Compassionate Ministries throughout the pandemic.


Yoon Moon-Gi elected District Superintendent of the Korea National District  - Yoon Moon-gi, a senior pastor of Anjung Church of the Nazarene, was elected as the 8th D.S. at the 67th Korea National District Assembly. He will serve in this capacity for the next three years.


JFHP Liberia  - James' testimony: "Earlier today, 2 guys visited and told me the story of creation. It really touched me and caught my attention, so I decided to come to the film. I confess that I am the most wicked person in this town; I have stolen from many people's farms. Each time I stole, I felt happy and thought I am the smartest person on Earth. However, I learned through the film that I have it backward. The tax collector cheated many people, confessed, and Jesus even forgave him. Tonight, I thank God for giving me a second chance. I entrust my life to Jesus to make me a better person."


PRAY for:

The Church of the Nazarene in Venezuela:

  • That the Church of the Nazarene reaches every state in the country with the message of salvation and holiness, and effectively uses NMI to spread the call to missions on a national level.

  • The Maximum Mission Project in the Venezuela First District, which is a strategy to discover leadership from the local churches and promote the call to missions.  

  • Local, district, and national leaders to be strengthened.

  • The economic and social challenges in Venezuela.


JFHP - LIBERIA, Africa 7 teams;  24 members;  14 languages:

  • Several members of Liberia team #5 were in a major motorbike accident while traveling home from showing the JESUS film. Pray for a smooth recovery and for God to continue to use these difficult circumstances for His glory.

  • The Church in Liberia is largely located in cities.  As the majority of Liberians live in rural areas travel is essential in order for them to hear the Word and have  access to sound Biblical teaching. Pray as the Holy Spirit continues to equip teams and fellow believers to reach the unreached with His love and  pray for protection as they travel.

  • Pray for healing from the terrible pain caused by two civil wars and the rebuilding that must occur in this impoverished nation.


Kucey/LTLT Ministries International Prayer Requests (Loving The Least of These):

  • For Tonya  Kucey as she adjusts to being a widow and for Ryan, Cory, and Karissa in  the loss of dad, Darin.        Also please pray for Tonya as she looks to find a home to purchase closer to the Kucey children. She has sold her current home and closing date is August 18th.

  • For Haitian Pastor Jonas as he disciples and mentors the children and prisoners who have come to faith in Christ through LTLT Ministries International 

News of the Moment

Report from Dr. David Curry with the Christian Organization Open Doors

Late last year, I traveled to Turkey where we saw the caves of Cappadocia—the places of refuge where the early Christians secretly fled to and lived when they faced persecution and even death. These ancient caverns are visible reminders to me that today in the 21st century, millions of believers in places like Iran, Central Asia, North Korea, Afghanistan and North Africa are still living in secrecy. All over the world, the decision to follow Jesus—or simply to own a Bible—puts believers at risk of exorbitant fines, arrest, attack and even imprisonment and death.

I think of Ruslan, an underground house church leader in Central Asia. For the last 20 years, Ruslan and his small team have risked their lives to secretly travel from one house to another to disciple and train secret believers. Ruslan’s mission is so dangerous I can’t show you his face or even tell you the country where he lives. He and his family bear both emotional and physical scars for their faith. Their home is frequently vandalized. And he still remembers the day his daughter’s classmates attacked her.

“We know that we are not alone but part of a large Christian family,” Ruslan says. “Thanks to your prayers and support, we are able to survive in this hostile environment. When we contacted Open Doors and shared what we needed, everything was provided.” Together, we can help our underground church family survive and grow.

However, even Turkey is a better place than Iran. Dr. David met Iranian refugees Zahra and her husband Ali on a recent trip to Turkey. After they were imprisoned for being part of a house church, this couple and their two sons were oppressed so intensely they were forced to leave Iran. As we talked with the family, it was clear that when Zahra and Ali chose to follow Jesus, they also willingly followed Him through the 'fire'. “In prison, I thought to myself: there are people who love me and cry for my pain and suffering,” Zahra says.

Just like the early Christians Ruslan, Zahra, and Ali risked their lives to follow and share Jesus, these secret believers … our family … also risk everything to stand firm in their faith and grow the Church where they are. They carry the gospel to people who might otherwise never hear it—and through our prayers and gifts, you and I are invited to join them on their mission! Right now, we have the opportunity to come alongside Christians like Ruslan, Zahra and Ali, who follow Jesus no matter what. We must encourage and strengthen more believers like them and help them build the church where they live?  

Dr. David Curry, President/CEO  Open Doors USA

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Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM) Canada is supporting a large food security project (agriculture and livelihoods) in the north of Bangladesh, funded through Canadian Foodgrains Bank. The area is two unions (i.e. Rajarampur and Dharampur of Birol upazila under Dinajpur district of Bangladesh) and benefits 600 farmers and 800 marginalized women. The women are formed into self-help groups to empower them to bring positive change to their households, communities, and villages.  

NCM Canada has proposed to support the CDC at Betbunia church of the Nazarene, Bangladesh, where funds from a Canadian donor built a new two story church and CDC (Child Development Center), which also functions as a cyclone shelter in that area which is very prone to cyclones. If you would like to donate for these projects, you can e-transfer or drop a cheque or cash to our church office. Thank you so much for your help! Your support, big or small, can make a difference!

Funding the Mission

District and Education = 8.5% of monthly income
April = $528.47; year-to-date owe = $9,899.57; paid $9,899.57

World Evangelism (includes designated amount to Faith Promise, Thanksgiving/Easter, etc.) = 5.5% of monthly income
April = $383.86; year-to-date owe = $6,447.52; paid $6,477.52