Who Is Jesus?

Who Was He?

Jesus was a man who lived in the area of Galilee and Judea and
was born near 4 BCE and died in either 30 or 33 CE. 

There are a few events in his life that are accepted by nearly all scholars and historians, apart from the dates of his birth and death. He lived in Galilee and Judea, was baptized by John the Baptist, and was killed by crucifixion under Roman Prefect Pontius Pilate, who governed during 26 - 36 CE.

He was recognized as a teacher by many in his community and by his disciples. After his death, his disciples continued his teachings and claimed that they saw him return to life. Some of his disciples ended up being persecuted for these beliefs. While this is debated by historians, it is often agreed that something happened and the religion started by these disciples and Jesus is one of the largest in the world today.

Who Did He Say He Was?

Most of the words of Jesus come to us from the gospels of the New Testament. These documents have been very well preserved and are some of the best kept documents from ancient times.

From these, we learn that Jesus said "anyone who has seen me has seen the Father" (John 14:9). What this means is that Jewish people asking about who God, who they called Father, is would need only look at Jesus to see him. Jesus effectively called himself God in this moment. When he asked his disciples who they thought he was, Peter responded that “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God” (Matt. 16:13). Jesus then tells him that he is right! This would have been very surprising for the people of the day, and many did not like what he said.

What Did He Do?

He was a teacher of the people and performer of miracles. He healed many people of various illnesses and conditions including leprosy, blindness, deafness, and muteness. He debated with Jewish leaders at the time about interpretations of the Scriptures, such as whether or not it was good to heal on the Sabbath (Mark 3:1-6), and was eventually crucified by the powers of the time for his insurrection.

He was also called a prophet, in that he brought the direct revelation from God to the people.

After he was killed, Christians believe that he rose again and ascended into Heaven, from where he will return again to bring about the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Why Is He Worshipped?

Christians believe that Jesus did in fact die and rise again. 


Christians also believe that putting faith in Jesus--that is, trusting Jesus and taking him at his word--brings us into right relationship with God.

Christians further believe that Jesus was actually God Himself as a human. When Christians say that they are in relationship with God through Jesus, it is to say that we really come into relationship with God through God. 

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